Stained Glass Tools & Supplies: My Favorites

There are somewhere in the vicinity of 14 zillion tools & gadgets you can get for working with stained glass.

Like kitchen gadgetry, you don’t need them all. Heck, you don’t technically neeeeed many of them.


Some stained glass tools & supplies sure do make your life a whole lot easier!

stained glass tools and supplies on waffle grid mountain woman products

So…in the spirit of working smarter, not harder, here’s a list of all kinds of tools I’ve tried & (mostly) loved through the years & still use today.

If you’re brand new to stained glass, I have a list of Essential Tools For Beginners just for you, and Beginner Stained Glass Kits too!

Beginner Stained Glass Kits & Pre-Cut Stained Glass Project Kits

Beginner Stained Glass Kit


These are my Fav Tools, Supplies, & Glass for Beginner’s to get started in stained glass. Aaaaand ya get a Full Beginner’s Class & 30 Days direct help from me & patterns in my community too!

A big ol’ list of my favorite tools for Stained Glass

Cutting (Scoring) Tools

*As an amazon & Creator’s Brand affiliate, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through these links. My integrity cannot be bought, so I will never link to anything I don’t love &/or know to be quality.

*We have an Exclusive Code for ya for anything from Creator’s Brand! Use MWP10 for 10% off your entire order from them!*

Beginner Pistol Grip Glass Cutter


In stock

This Value Beginner Pistol Grip Glass Cutter is just the thing for, well, Beginners! It’s affordable & works just fine.

I didn’t know if I’d like this cutter. I opened it, tried it, and it won me over in the first three minutes. You literally just guide the weighted scoring portion around on your glass & it makes a perfect score every time. I’m not a doctor, so ask yours, but man is it easy on the wrist & shoulders! (It’s also fun to drive around on your glass whilst making vroom noises.) Carbide steel wheel.

creators brand hummingbird glass cutter

This cutter fits easily in smaller hands, has a squishy grip for comfort, and….it’s small enough that you can still rest your hand on your glass while you cut for great control. It’s like a pencil grip & a pistol grip had an adorable love child. It might be favorite handheld cutter (don’t tell my trusty pencil grip). Carbide steel wheel.

If you do a lot of geometric designs, straight cuts, or want to get into mosaics, this system lets you make even & consistent cuts. Carbide Steel Wheel.

Glass Oil Jar & Cutter Oil Bottle Bundle in Cobalt Blue


Only 1 left in stock

Dip your stained glass cutter with ease, keep glass chips from clogging your cutter head, and do it all in style with our Cutter Oil & Jar Combo. (And they’re freakin’ cobalt blue!!😍).

Stained Glass Cutter Oil in Cobalt Blue Bottle


In stock

Keep glass chips from clogging your cutter head, keep your wheel from rusting, and do it all in beeeaaauuutiful cobalt blue style with our Stained Glass Cutter Oil. Comes with dropper for easy application.

Creator’s Brand Oil Pod

Creators Brand Oil Pod for Stained Glass Cutter

*Don’t forget to use your special coupon code MWP10!

These lil pods fit perfectly in your Creator’s Waffle Grid to store your pencil or pistol grip cutter! Keeps the wheels oiled & ready to go.

Creator’s Brand Oil Well

Creators Brand Oil Well

*Don’t forget to use your special coupon code MWP10!

This little oil well makes for easy dipping for any type of cutter. Designed for use with the Creator’s Waffle Grid.

Creator’s Brand Waffle Grid Cutting Surface

*Don’t forget to use your special coupon code MWP10!

Helps to keep the glass shards from shiving ya & protect your table. Holds all kinds of organizational stuff, oil wells, & cutters. Also made a surround for my grinder out of these. I’m a fan.

Running, Breaking, & Grozing Pliers for Stained Glass

*I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through these links. My integrity cannot be bought, so I will never link to anything I don’t love &/or know to be quality.

*We have an Exclusive Code for ya for anything from Creator’s Brand! Use MWP10 for 10% off your entire order of Creator’s tools!*

Studio Pro Running Pliers


Only 2 left in stock

Run your scores with the Studio Pro Running Pliers! Perfect for Beginner Stained Glass Artists. Metal pliers with a coated grip.

Leponitt Running Pliers


In stock

Get the Leponitt Running Pliers…the stained glass tools with a reputation as the longest lasting in the industry. Metal pliers with a coated grip & replaceable rubber jaw covers.

Nip off those lil nubbins of glass & make little breaks with a Studio Pro Breaking Grozing Pliers. An affordable option for Beginners.

Leponitt Grozing Pliers


Only 2 left in stock

Upgrade your nubbin’ nippin’ game with the Leponitt Grozing Pliers. They have a longstanding reputation for longevity.

Silberschnitt Running Pliers for Stained Glass

Hard name to say, super easy tool to use. I love this pliers, especially for running & breaking curves & circles. The pivoting head reaches really funky areas with ease.

Creator's Brand Palm Runner for Stained Glass Mountain Woman Products

*Don’t forget to use your special coupon code MWP10!

Can ya use the end of your running pliers rubber handle to run scores for circles & curves? Sure. Does it work as well as this Palm Runner? Heck no! This little guy works super well.

Glass Grinders & Grinder Accessories

*I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through these links. My integrity cannot be bought, so I will never link to anything I don’t love &/or know to be quality.

***Note: Other grinder brands including Glastar (no longer in business) & Inland have been on the market for years too. I’ve only used Gryphon Brand personally & have experienced great customer service & solid machines.***

Gryphon Gryphette Stained Glass Grinder


Only 1 left in stock

The Gryphon Gryphette is the least expensive, but still great quality glass grinder on the market. It’s also relatively small so it’s great for small studio spaces. Also, it’s freakin’ adorable!

The Gryphon Studio Grinder is a step up in size from the Gryphette. It has a drip system for water & comes with a face shield too.

The Gryphon Convertible is the MacDaddy of grinders. The pump provides an awesome amount of water to your piece & the convertible style is great ergonomically. You can use it standing or sitting easily. If you have T-Rex arms like me, the diagonal setting is a lifesaver.

Grinder Surround

*Don’t forget to use your special coupon code MWP10!

I made my grinder surround out of Creator’s Brand Waffle Grid. Works great!

Aanraku Nick’s Grinder’s Mate


In stock

Keeps your fingers out of the way when grinding little pieces. My fingernails & I are big fans!

Foil & Foiling Tools

*I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through these links. My integrity cannot be bought, so I will never link to anything I don’t love &/or know to be quality.

Edco 1/4″ Silver Back Copper Foil Tape


In stock

7/32″ foil is the most commonly used in Stained Glass Art, but I’m a big fan of 1/4″. Your solder is your framework & the bigger the foil, the more solder ya have, the stronger your framework. 1/4″ is big enough for strength, but small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm even small pieces like suncatchers.

Edco 7/32″ Silver Back Copper Foil Tape


Only 1 left in stock

If ya need 7/32″ foil, Edco is my go to brand. It’s flexible, but strong & has a good adhesive. I’m a fan of silver backed for all projects that don’t involve patina.

Edco 5/32″ Silver Back Copper Foil Tape


Only 2 left in stock

Foil on my glassy friend with Edco 5/32″ Silver Back Copper Foil! 1.25mil Silver Backed 5/32″ is the perfect size for thin glass.

Mini 6″ Metal Ruler for Trimming Foil


In stock

Get beautifully straight foil lines with this cute lil Mini 6″ Metal Ruler! Shows inches and centimeters Inch to mm conversion chart on back helps

Burnishing Fid for Foil


In stock

Simple fid with a tapered end helps get into nooks & crannies in your foil. My general go to & favorite fid for foil fixes. Pretty sure I’ve used mine so much it’s a permanent part of my hand now.

Aanraku Foil Roller Burnisher Fid


Only 1 left in stock

Roll right over your copper foil with the Aanraku Foil Roller Burnisher Fid. It’s plastic, like most burnishers are. Fun to make Vroom! Vroom! noises too…

Craft Knife for Trimming Foil


In stock

This cute lil Craft Knife is perfect for trimming copper foil on your stained glass! Snap off & replaceable blade.

I like these replacement blades the best. They’re shorter so you get more per replacement piece, which works great since we’re only using the tips for trimming foil anyway.

Creator's Brand 7/32 hand foiler for stained glass Mountain Woman Products

I’ve hand foiled forever… and I can humbly say I’m really freakin’ fast at it. This little foiler though? Holy crap! If we raced it would be a hare & I’d be a turtle with a bum leg. Make sure you get a foil holder & clamp this guy to a table. This helps to center your foil on your glass. Tada!

Creator's Brand 14" hand foiler for stained glass Mountain Woman Products

Samesies to the 7/32″ foiler. I had trouble with both at first, until the owner of Creator’s gave me the tip to clamp it to the table. Whaaat!? Bam! Perfection! If you’ve been looking for a Glastar Foiler (they’re out of business), get this one. It’s much higher quality.

We don’t use 3/16″ foil often in stained glass, but when ya do, this foiler is where it’s at. Perfectly centered. *chef’s kiss*

If ya don’t already have a foil holder, this is the one to get. It rolls soooo smoothly & like everything I’ve tried with Creator’s Brand, it’s super sturdy & high quality.

Samesies as the 7/32″ foil holder. These foil holders clear so you can see how much foil is left on your roll. Those Creator’s Brand people….they freakin’ think of everything! 🙂

I haven’t tried this guy yet, but if you’re looking for a crimper & burnishing tool in one, Creator’s Brand is consistently quality.


*I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through these links. My integrity cannot be bought, so I will never link to anything I don’t love &/or know to be quality.

Hakko 601-02 Soldering Iron


In stock

If you want to solder well…Get. This. Iron. Ceramic core gives even & consistent heat. Temp control on the handle. And unlike most soldering irons which are seemingly modeled after baseball bats for size, this one fits easily in smaller hands.

***A very important note: If you live in the U.S., be sure you’re getting the 601-02 (listed above). The 601-01 can be often be found cheaper, but it’s made for Japan’s electrical outlets & does not fit U.S. outlets.

Hakko T19 D65 Replacement Tip


Only 1 left in stock

A step up in tip size from what comes with your Hakko 601-02 iron. Broader surface area makes for greater heat distribution which = easier soldering.

Squeeze Bottle with Straw


In stock

Keep your sponge wet for your cleaning your soldering iron tip the easy way with this cute lil Squeeze Bottle! Holds 4 oz.

Studio Pro Soldering Iron Stand


Only 2 left in stock

Hold your iron securely with the cast iron base Studio Pro Soldering Iron Stand! Fits Hakko 601-02 soldering iron beautifully. Comes with sponge for easy tip cleaning.

Hakko T19 D5 Replacement Tip


Only 1 left in stock

Replace your worn out tip with the same original size your iron came with, with the Hakko T19 D5 Replacement Tip! Fits the Hakko 601.

Hakko T19 D65 Replacement Tip


Only 1 left in stock

A step up in tip size from what comes with your Hakko 601-02 iron. Broader surface area makes for greater heat distribution which = easier soldering.

Hakko T19 D32 Replacement Tip


Only 1 left in stock

This itty bitty baby tip is my favorite for lil stuff like jewelry. Makes attaching tiny jump rings & soldering in tight spaces super easy!

Canfield Blu Glass Liquid Flux


In stock

My very favorite flux ever! Lead free, works on lead & lead free solder, and washes off your piece super easily.

Amerway Tiger’s Eye Gel Flux


Only 1 left in stock

Solder in low smoke, low fume style with Amerway Tiger’s Eye Gel Flux for Stained Glass! For lead & lead free solder.

Nokorode Paste Flux for Stained Glass


In stock

Everybody has a flux type preference. If ya love paste, this one works well. It is an acid flux and it’s oily so you’ll need to give your pieces a good scrubbadubbin’ when you’re done soldering.

Solder Amerway Sapphire 60/40 Lead


In stock

60/40’s don’t vary in composition the way that lead free does, but since I’m a huge fan of Amerway’s Lead Free, I also recommend their 60/40 Lead. It works great!

Solder Lead Free Amerway Emerald


In stock

This is my new favorite Lead Free Solder! It flows beautifully, shines up nicely, & polishes easily. I adore it.

Solder Amerway Lead Free Ruby


Only 2 left in stock

This used to be my fav Lead Free Solder (& I’ve tried a ton!). It’s got great flow, very similar to 60/40 and shines up beautifully. But it does take 952.8 thousand years to polish.

Here’s a whole post about Lead Free Soldering if ya want to start working with it!

Tinned Copper Wire for Stained Glass 4 oz


Use this Tinned Copper Wire to make your own jump rings & hangers with tails or to add decorative wire work to your stained glass. Choose from 14, 16, 18, or 20 gauge.

OOK Zinc Coated Steel Wire


Only 1 left in stock

Use this OOK Zinc Coated Steel Wire to make your own hangers with tails for your heavier pieces of stained glass art! Heavy duty 16 gauge zinc coated steel is stronger than copper.

Jump Rings Hangers Tinned Copper


If you’re feelin’ like a lazy stained glasser and don’t want to make your own (nothin’ wrong with that), here’s some Jump Rings for ya!

These little guys are great for holding your smaller pieces while edge beading or attaching jump rings. The rubbery tips will get a bit smooshed/melty over time, but there’s a lot in the box so they’re easy to replace. And they hold waaaay better than alligator clips.

This thing freakin’ rocks! After countless hot solder bb’s landing on my lap, I thought of this mat. It’s technically a dog food mat, but it has a raised lip & comes in a bunch of different sizes to fit your studio space. Heat resistant & easy to wipe clean.

Thermaltronics Tip Tinner

This stuff drastically prolongs the life of your soldering tip! When your tip stops wanting to hold solder, give it a quick dip in this stuff & it comes out shiny new.

Great for any glass artist, but a must have if you’re working lead-free (higher heat is tough on tips).

Since most soldering irons don’t have on/off switches, these lil outlets switches are great to plug yours into. The switch lights up to help you remember to turn off your iron so you don’t accidentally leave it on overnight three separate times. *ahem*

Pliers & Wire Cutters for Stained Glass

Flat Nose Pliers


Only 2 left in stock

Flat Nose Pliers are just the thing ya need for bending wire & holding jump rings in place for soldering your stained glass!

Round Nose Pliers


In stock

If ya want to make your own jump rings, hangers, or do decorative wirework, ya want a Round Nose Pliers! Smooth, rounded jaws won’t mar your wire.

Wire Cutter


In stock

These affordable lil wire cutters are perfect for cutting the softer wires we use in stained glass! Easily cuts 14, 16, 18, & 20 gauge tinned copper wire.

Polish, Wax, & Patina for Stained Glass

Mother’s Pure Carnauba Wax

Stained Glass Wax is expensive. You can use any Pure Carnauba Wax that ya happen to have laying around in your garage. If ya don’t, just borrow it from your neighbor (they owe ya for the weed whacker they borrowed).

Calcium Carbonate (Whiting)

Mix this up with some of that Carnauba Wax until you have a mousse-like consistency (the dessert, not the animal) & you’ll be polishing & waxing in one step. You may want to use patina on future projects (which polish can scratch or remove), so just mix a small jar of Carnauba/Calcium Carbonate to use on plain solder.

Quick Tip: Just cuz it looks like mousse, doesn’t mean it tastes like it. Don’t eat it. Also don’t ask me how I know. 😁

Novacan Black Patina

Black Patina is going to make your solder lines black. It’s super caustic stuff though, so protect your eyeholes and wear your mask, gloves, & have great ventilation!

Novacan Copper Patina

Copper patina will turn your solder copper. Samesies on the black for the safety though…wear alllllll your PPE and have good ventilation too!

Kwik Clean Flux & Patina Cleaner


In stock

This stuff is fantastic for cleaning pieces too big to fit in the sink, & for getting great patina results.

Here’s a post on How to Get Rich, Deep Patina if you’re interested.

Extra Tools, Jigs & Other Fun Stuff for Making Stained Glass 

Quick Note: For a list of my favorite Safety Gear, check out my Stained Glass Safety page.

*I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you purchase through these links. My integrity cannot be bought, so I will never link to anything I don’t love &/or know to be quality.

*We have an Exclusive Code for ya for anything from Creator’s Brand! Use MWP10 for 10% off your entire order on their site!*

Leponitt 5 Angle Panel Lamp & Boxes Tool


In stock

This thing makes getting angles right for stained glass boxes, lamps, candleholders, & other 3D stuff soooooooo freakin’ easy. Make 90, 120, 135, 140, & 150 degree angles for projects between with 4, 6, 8, 9, or 12 pieces.

If you’re doing larger 3D items like boxes, this jig is fantastic. It’s the bigger,  sturdier, more precise version of the handy wedge. You can do 45 & 60 degree squares & octagons as well as 60 degree triangles & hexagons.

These lil guys aren’t as precise as 3D jigs, but they’re economical & great for supporting your pieces while soldering out 3D projects.

Laminating Machine

I use this little machine for laminating my patterns so they last through a zillion tracing sessions.

It’s inexpensive & small. That’s all I got. 🙂

LitEnergy Light Board

I use this board regularly when choosing glass colors (to see what will look good with what when the light shines through). I bought it because it’s a cheapie, figuring I’d be wrecking it while sliding glass around on it. I’m surprised to say it’s still going strong over a year later.

Sharpie Ultra Fine Marker

Ultra Fine Marker in Blue


In stock

You’ll get better fit with your pieces if you use an ultra fine marker to trace. The blue is easier to see on darker colored glass since it reflects a reddish/purple in the light. Also, blue is the best color in the world. Cuz I said so. 🙂

12″ Long Brass Rod 1/8″ diameter

These brass rods are great for making sturdy stained glass garden stakes. You’ll want to tin them before you attach them so they match your solder. Cuz you’re fancy.

12″ Long Brass Rod 3/32″ diameter

I use these brass rods for stakes you’ll be permanently putting into clay in pots. Little stuff like 2-3 inches or less. If you’re making larger ones, go for the 1/8″.

Color Magic Stained Glass & Metal Paint

I love Color Magic Glass Paint because you don’t have to bake it! It is very stinky though so mind your ventilation…the 60926 3M cartridge works for paint. The opacity is great (if you’re using the opaque) & they have transparent colors as well.

Scotch Painter’s Tape

Ya may have some of this laying around the house. If ya don’t, this is what I use! Use it to hold your project together until you have it tacked (soldered in spots to keep the pieces from moving around).

Odome 12×12 Cork Board Tiles

These tiles are inexpensive alternative to waffle grids, soldering mats, & work well for fitting your pieces while grinding.

Stained Glass Sheets

Stained glass sheet beginner rainbow variety pack Mountain Woman Products

We carry a lovely array of stained glass sheets in the shop! Located in PA, we ship all over the U.S.

We have great prices on all of our glass, we don’t jack up shipping charges. Aaaaaaaand we don’t do glass boxing charges on orders of 6 or more glass sheets! Whaaaaat?!?!? Yup.

Safety Gear for Stained Glass

Imma get all serious here, just for a second (stay with me). There’s a lot of dangerous, not good, very bad info out there regarding safety in stained glass.

I back up the safety info I provide with solid research & science.

Please. Please. Please take safety seriously. Puuuuhleeeeeeeze. Ya only get one set of eyes, lungs, other internal organs, & fingers.

In fact, it’s is so freakin’ important, it gets its own page. Check out my Stained Glass Safety page for product links, SDS sheets, & other fun info.

Want to learn to make Stained Glass?

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  1. I took one semester of stained glass in college, and I loved it!! I am currently converting the back bedroom of my house into a small stained glass studio. My grandma used to make stained glass, but now as arthritis in her fingers and can’t do it anymore. Fortunately, she donated her grinder, shoulder iron, and other supplies to help me get started. Eventually, I would like to buy more and newer supplies. This blog was very helpful! Thank you for taking time to create this page.

    • I’m sorry grandma can’t do glass anymore, but how wonderful for her to share it with you! And yaaaay! I’m so glad the post helped you. Let me know if ya have any questions.😀


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