Beginner Stained Glass Kit


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Get yourself started in stained glass the easier way with our Stained Glass Beginner Kit!

Our kit includes all the right tools & supplies you need to get started in stained glass aaaaaaaaand…

*drum roll*

a FREE BEGINNER’S CLASS to get your started & 30 FREE DAYS in my Stained Glass Community to get all your questions answered (& free patterns too)!

  • Eight 6×6 sheets of glass in a variety of colors
  • Ultra Fine Marker
  • Pistol Grip Cutter
  • Cutter Oil
  • Oil Well for Cutter
  • Running Pliers
  • Grozing Pliers
  • Gryphon Gryphette Grinder with Grinder Bit
  • Copper Foil Tape
  • Fid
  • Hakko 601-02 Iron (it’s the best iron for stained glass soldering)
  • Iron Stand
  • Your choice of 60/40 Lead Solder (traditionally used in stained glass)
  • Flux & Flux Brush
  • Jump Rings (hangers)
  • Storage box for your tools
  • Online Pre-recorded Beginner’s Class & Patterns to get ya started
  • 30 Days Access to my Peace, Love, & Stained Glass Community to get one-on-one help with any of your stained glass questions (& access to free patterns too)!

**Colors of glass will vary and tools may vary based upon availability. All will be comparable in quality.**

NOTE: Stained Glass Safety is craaaaazy important! You may already have some of the safety gear you’ll need at home, but check out our Stained Glass Safety post to find out what you’ll need to have.

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Beginner Stained Glass Kit Mountain Woman Products
Beginner Stained Glass Kit