About Us


I’m Shannie & I’m here to make your home your haven. Your happy place. Your space to shake off the crap of the day and fall peacefully into relaxation & rejuvination.

Or at least make you smile for a minute.

Mountain Woman Products Shannie holding stained glass and tools
The artist in her natural habitat.

How do I do it?

With shiny, pretty things!

In the hustle & bustle, the mayhem & madness of our daily lives, we lose our connection with nature. And with it goes our serenity.

I aim to bring that peace, that connection back into your world by capturing the sunshine & casting it through beautiful colors into your space.

Mountain Woman Products is all about easy care, low maintenance beauty that’s as unique as you are. It’s about creating a place where you can be your beautiful self.

Orange Cat with Be Your Beautiful Self Sign Mountain Woman Products

Mountain Woman Products is my creative outlet, and when I’m not in the garden playing with plants, I’m loving every minute of creating stained glass.

Farmboy (my hottiepants hubs) is the mechanical genius & quality control behind the operation. He lends his brilliance to make my end products durable & high quality.

Unsurprisingly, given his name, he loves playing in the dirt too.

And….he runs Mountain Man Ironworks.

From time to time, his decorative ironwork can be seen in our Mountain Woman Products shop.

That is, if I haven’t run off with his latest creation, screw gun in hand, gleefully yelling, “Mine, mine, mine, mine!” while madly attaching it to our house before it can make it to the shop.

Cuz maybe that kinda’ might happen sometimes….

Stained Glass Art & Suncatchers

We’re a little bit (maybe more like madly) in love with the unique beauty of raw stained glass…every piece of raw glass is a work of art itself. 

It’s part of what makes taking raw glass and making it into our Stained Glass Art & Suncatchers so much fun!  No two finished pieces will ever be exactly alike. 

You’ll find our love of the garden reflected in my work from air plant holders, to planters, to stained glass succulents.

The health of the earth (& humans) is important to us so we use lead-free solder in all of our stained glass art & suncatchers.

Our Packaging

Our motto is Eco-organichandcraftiness ™ and we take being earth friendly seriously. Our packaging is recycled, recyclable, & biodegradable and our products follow suit.