About Us

Hey there glass hoarder (or future glass hoarder!!)!

Ya wanna make beautiful freakin’ stained glass art? Or do you prefer to collect stained glass art instead?

Either way, you’re in the right spot my friend!

Meet the Artist/Teacher/Head Glass Hoarder

I’m Shannie.

Like Annie, but with a shhhhh in front. ๐Ÿ˜

And I live, eat (not literally…the digestive tract & glass are a terrible combo), sleep, teach and make Stained Glass Art. I’m madly in love with everything about stained glass.

Frankly, it’s hard to get me to talk about much else. So if ya have questions, please ask. I’m always happy to help ya!

Now read on to find out about my art & how to make your own!

Mountain Woman Products Shannie holding stained glass and tools
The artist in her natural habitat.

Learn to Make Your Own Stained Glass

There’s a lot of videos out there on the net on how to make stained glass art.

Some of ’em are good (yay!), some not-so-good (your piece will end up falling apart), and some…downright dangerous (no safety equipment – eeek!)

Two things really matter in stained glass: Safety & Quality.

Ya want to make art that will stand the test of time & ya want your body to stand the test of time too.

That’s why my Newsletter, Blog, Stained Glass Courses & Community focus on how to properly & safely do all steps of the stained glass process: Cutting stained glass, Breaking glass, Grinding, Foiling tips & tricks, How to solder stained glass (I specialize in lead free solder!) & Edge Beading too.

You want to make art you’re proud of…I’m here for ya with tons of tips & my special techniques.

Stained glass isn’t a quick craft. It’s an art with lots of steps & techniques to learn. But it’s always fun!

My Stained Glass Art & Suncatchers

There are few thing more beautiful to adorn your home with than stained glass. The colors, the dimension, the light… every piece of raw stained glass is a work of art itself.ย 

It’s part of what makes taking raw glass and making it into Stained Glass Art & Suncatchers so much fun!ย  No two finished pieces will ever be exactly alike.ย 

You’ll find my love of the garden reflected in my work from air plant holders, to planters, to stained glass succulents.

I also make completely random designs because life is short so ya may as well just have a go at the ridiculous ideas too๐Ÿ˜€

Stained Glass & the Planet

While there is currently no 100% eco-friendly way to make stained glass, we do everything possible to mitigate our impact on the earth.

I use lead-free solder in all of our stained glass art & suncatchers, drastically limit the use of patina, & use the safest flux on the market.

Our packaging is all recycled/recyclable too!

And, perhaps the coolest part about stained glass art is that it ain’t no throw away craft! When properly made (ours is๐Ÿ˜‰) it can last for hundreds of years.

For realz. You’ll be passing your treasures down for generations to come.

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