About Us

Schmuppet. Reminding you to be your beautiful self.


Aren’t you an interesting, free-spirited, intelligent, & beautiful human!  You must be since you’re interested in our stuff.

If you’re a hippie, a yogi, a travel junkie, a boho queen, or just your beautiful self, we have decor to fit your style.

I’m Shannie, and I’m a long-time believer that every day should end with dirty feet and messy hair. I have embodied that belief with ease due to my serious disdain for shoes and my super fine four pieces of curly hair which are naturally a wild mess.

Mountain Woman Products is my creative passion, and I’m truly thrilled every day that I get to create hippie home decor. I’m particularly enamored with the beautiful, unique variations in stained glass. My ridiculously attractive Farmboy hubs adds in his decorative ironwork as time allows (or when I don’t steal it for myself…but it’s soooo pretty!).

Our motto is Eco-organichandcraftiness and we take being earth friendly seriously. Our packaging is recycled, recyclable, & biodegradable and our products follow suit.  We exclusively use people and eco-friendly lead-free solder in all of our stained glass creations.

In our blog, The Frugal Hippie, we share tips a for all kinds of tips for cooking, shopping, decorating, diy, gardening, weddings, and living a beautiful, free, and happy life without a lot of money.  Give us a follow!

We’re both a little camera shy, so here’s a picture of my thumb. Holding a stained glass leaf. If you’re wondering what we actually look like, see our logo. It is an exact artist’s rendering of our likeness.