About Us

Who We Are

Hiya! I’m Shannie, a long-time believer that every day should end with dirty feet and messy hair. I have embodied that belief with ease due to my serious disdain for shoes and my super fine four pieces of curly hair which are naturally a wild mess.  Mountain Woman Products & The Frugal Hippie Blog are my passions & my creative outlets.

Farmboy (my hottiepants hubs) is the mechanical genius & quality control behind the operation. He lends his brilliance to make my end products durable & high quality.

And….he runs Mountain Man Ironworks. From time to time, his decorative ironwork can be seen in our Mountain Woman Products shop. That is, if I haven’t run off with his latest creation, screw gun in hand, gleefully yelling, “Mine, mine, mine, mine!” while madly attaching it to our house before it can make it to the shop. Cuz maybe that kinda’ might happen sometimes….

Mountain Woman Products logo
In case you’re wondering what we look like. We’re a lil camera shy…but this is an exact artist’s rendering of our likeness. Told ya’ Farmboy was a hottiepants!

Stained Glass Art & Suncatchers

We’re a little bit (maybe more like madly) in love with the unique beauty of raw stained glass…every piece is a work of art itself.  It’s part of what makes taking raw glass and making it into our Stained Glass Art & Suncatchers so much fun!  No two finished pieces will ever be exactly alike.  The health of the earth (& humans) is important to us so we use lead-free solder in all of our stained glass art & suncatchers.

Wedding & Outdoor Lighting, Candleholders & Hanging Vases

Shortly after our foray into the mason jar world, we designed our first hanging mason jar lanterns.  We hand wrapped the wraps & hangers & designed them for durability. Then we realized they’d make really cute vases too! We’re extremely thankful to have had our versatile hanging mason jar candle holder vases in hundreds of weddings and many patio parties.  It’s such an honor to have our creations be part of someone’s special day.

Over the years we’ve added blue & purple mason jar lanterns to our collection as well as hanging glass globes. We’re a bit fascinated with anything glass, candley or planty so we like to add to our lighting & vase collection as often as possible.

Farmboy’s Decorative Ironwork & Our Recycled, Upcycled & Reincarnated Goods

Mountain Man Ironworks is the bigger, burlier boyfriend of Mountain Woman Products & we often feature his decorative iron work & upcycled creations in our shop.

Our Packaging

Our motto is Eco-organichandcraftiness and we take being earth friendly seriously. Our packaging is recycled, recyclable, & biodegradable and our products follow suit.  We exclusively use people and eco-friendly lead-free solder in all of our stained glass creations.