You wanna make beautiful Stained Glass Art…

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Whether you’re brand new to glass art or have years under your belt,

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Peace Love Stained Glass Community and School with pictures of various stained glass suncatchers Mountain Woman Products

Well…this ain’t no FaceBook Group my friend!😁

In the Peace, Love, & Stained Glass Community & School, ya get….

  • Help from Shannie the Teacher & head glass hoarder (that’s me!). Ya don’t hafta sift through 972.5 gazillion answers, not knowing what’s good advice & what’s just guesses. I’m there every day to help ya!
  • Free online stained glass classes: Beginner Stained Glass & Beautiful Edge Beading
  • To learn new stuff & make really cool pieces in our Live Events
  • To show off your gorgeous work, get ideas, and interact whenever ya want in the Chat Section
  • Tips & Tutorial Videos for everything from choosing flux to making 3D pieces
  • Free Patterns from Shannie & Beck (Pattern Expert Extraordinaire of Poloinzio Glass). No hinges.
  • Inspired & encouraged by a super sweet & ridiculously silly group of your fellow glass hoarders. No drama. Just seriously great freakin’ people who share a united love of glass.

Come in. Check it all out. You get 7 days free to take a class, ask some questions, get some patterns!

At the end of your trial, you’ll get an email to subscribe for $19/mo or $199/year.

If you’re lovin’ it like we do, yaaaaay! You can subscribe then. We’re happy to have ya!

If you’re not feelin’ it, that’s ok too. No hard feelings.

I’m soooooooo freakin’ excited you wanna join the Peace, Love, & Stained Glass Community!

If you’ve been to my TikTok Lives or YouTube videos, you know they’re a place of love, & ridiculousness (and a whole lotta learnin’)!

The Peace, Love, & Stained Glass Community? It’s all that, but every day of the week!

When I started out in stained glass I sucked at it (don’t worry, we all do when we first start out). My solder lines were meh, foil lifted, and I had a metric crap ton of trouble cutting.

There wasn’t much info out there for new glassers at the time so I was on my own!

Refusing to let this gorgeous art beat me, I practiced and screwed up, read whatever I could get my hands on, and practiced & discovered new techniques every day until I got really freakin’ good at it!

Now there’s a lot of info out there about Stained Glass on the internet. Some of it’s good! A lot of it is, uh…not-so-good😯. And some of it’s, well….downright dangerous (eek!).

I adore this Community & am ridiculously excited to have a seriously fun, weird, & diverse group of people in it. They’ll make your day, and crack you up on the reg!

Come hang out with us. Or just come for the free classes & patterns. Whatever makes ya happy! And whatever ya need, I’m here for ya!

Peace, Love, & Stained Glass,

Mountain Woman Products Stained Glass Class Instructor Holding Tools