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Whether you call them Shnickerdoodles, Shliverwaffles, Sh*#ts-n-Giggles or their proper name, The Silberschnitt Running Pliers…nothin’ out there beats them for running & breaking curves, circles, & thin strips in your stained glass.

  • Super strong & durable, yet lightweight aluminum construction
  • 360 degree turnable upper plate lets you get alllll up in those deep curves!
  • Breaks narrow strips of glass your regular running pliers could never dream of.
  • Good for glass up to 13/64″ (5mm) thick so you’re good to go on thicker, textured glass.
  • Measure: Just shy of 8″ Long
  • Pressure plate & turntable bars are replaceable (we have ’em in the shop for ya!)

Quick Tip: If you’re used to regular running pliers, these feel a lil funky til you get used to them, aaaaaand then you can’t put them down. Until ya do (and even after if ya like), instead of giving a solid squeeze to run your score with the Silberschnitt Running Pliers, give a series of lil pump squeezes instead. Add these to your cart & then check out our video on How to Use the Silberschnitt Pliers & Get Perfect Curves.


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Weight13 oz
Dimensions12 × 6 × 2 in


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