Homemade Flour Tortillas & BLT’s

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I should probably preface this post with the myriad of reasons why I’m qualified to teach you how to make Homemade Tortillas and subsequently, BLT’s: 1. I like tortillas. 2. My parents live in Mexico eight months out of the year. 3. Farmboy knows how to grill bacon really well. 4. It’s a long, time […]

Grapevine Wreath DIY, Hot Farm Boy Optional

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I’ve wanted to make a Grapevine Wreath for a gazillion years, but for some reason, suspected it would be an intensive process that required years of foraging knowledge, a hiking expedition up Everest, a chainsaw, full body armour, and a baby pool. Oddly, none of those things are necessary.     As it turns out, […]

Remember to Take Time to Stop & Smell the…

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Butterflies. You thought I was gonna say roses didn’t chya? Well, in case you’ve never smelled a butterfly it’s a hint of sweet vanilla, and a bit of fresh watermelon with a musky sweet marjoram undertone. I know because yesterday I spent over an hour with one named Henrietta. You aren’t actually buying this are […]

How to Make Cucumber Salad for a Dutchman

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I don’t like Cucumber Salad. Or food really. “Whaaat?!?!”, you say. “Gasp!”, you say.  “Feeeeliiing. Faaaainnt.”,you say. I know. I know. You’re okay. Also, I mighta exaggerated a lil there. I’m just the world’s pickiest eater. And being the world’s pickiest eater means I don’t like cooking either. Like, at all. But, because sometimes your […]