Remember to Take Time to Stop & Smell the…

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Butterflies. You thought I was gonna say roses didn’t chya? Well, in case you’ve never smelled a butterfly it’s a hint of sweet vanilla, and a bit of fresh watermelon with a musky sweet marjoram undertone. I know because yesterday I spent over an hour with one named Henrietta. You aren’t actually buying this are […]

How to Make Cucumber Salad for a Dutchman

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I don’t like Cucumber Salad. Or food really. “Whaaat?!?!”, you say. “Gasp!”, you say.  “Feeeeliiing. Faaaainnt.”,you say. I know. I know. You’re okay. Also, I mighta exaggerated a lil there. I’m just the world’s pickiest eater. And being the world’s pickiest eater means I don’t like cooking either. Like, at all. But, because sometimes your […]

Good Morning to Us! Etsy Finds Feature

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Eeeek! We were featured! Click here to see them in our shop! Normally for me, mornings involve unintelligible muttering, zombie style walking, and seriously scary hair all while missing the cup and pouring tea on the cat. This morning, however, involved an actual smile and happy unintelligible muttering cuz our Hanging Glass Globes …   […]

BeckaBonce Feature

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We’ve been featured on the BeckaBonce Blog! Which is fantastic (because we love a ‘lil love…and ‘cuz we adore alliteration)! And since her stuff absolutely rocks….we thought we’d show her shop a ‘lil love too! The lovely Rebecca Wilson (the face behind BeckaBonce), is a freelance illustrator, pattern and print designer with a super cool […]

Earth Day Sale

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Happy Earth Day!! I know the post says April 23rd…but I’m a master procrastinator and I it’s not the next day ’til you go to sleep so again I say… Happy Happy Happy Earth Day! To celebrate we’re having a shop wide sale until April 28th. Get 15% off your order with coupon code EARTHDAY2013. […]