Leponitt Breaking Pliers


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Make little breaks with Leponitt Breaking Pliers…the stained glass tools with a reputation as the longest lasting in the industry.

  • Just what ya need when the glass by your score line is too little for a running pliers
  • Metal pliers with a coated grip
  • Measure: 6 1/2″ Long with a 3/8″ SmoothJaw

Quick Tip: When you have a teeny tiny piece of glass you need to break, line up at the score line on the left with the breaking pliers & line up on the right size of the score line with your grozing pliers (straight jaw up so you’re not nibbling). Pull down & out with your grozing pliers & voila! No bloody fingers! Also…wear your safety glasses. 😎


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Weight6 oz
Dimensions10.25 × 3.5 × 1 in


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Leponitt Breaking Pliers