Your glass art has the bends? The Boom Crash?…

Don’t worry. We’ll get that fixed right up!

Stained glass pattern design Mountain Woman products

Level up your art!

  • No more bendy pieces.
  • No more Crash Boom!
  • No more digging through endless hours of YouTube tryna figure out what works & what doesn’t…

Whether you draw your own patterns, or you buy from others, you’ll know exactly what to look for to make strong stained glass.

The kind of glass that lasts the test of time with…

Pattern Design Detectives!


How’s this whole class thing work???

Learn at your own pace, buuuut…

You’re not alone!

Cuz your course is prerecorded, you have access to it whenever ya want!


Unlike in person classes, I’m here for ya during AND after the class! Ask me any class related questions right inside the course.

And, ya get a FREE TRIAL in the Community too to get all your stained glass questions answered (and hang out with your fellow glass hoarders too)!

Hi! I’m Shannie, your instructor (& your biggest cheerleader!)

That’s me, Shannie! Your fearless leader & head glass hoarder.

There’s a lot of info out there about Stained Glass on the internet. Some of it’s good! A lot of it is, uh…not-so-good😯. And some of it’s, well….downright dangerous (eek!).

You need great information. I have it & I love to share!

My glass class & community are based on (first & foremost) Peace, Love, & Kindness to each other. I promise you’ll get the resources & support you need to do this amazing freakin’ art well (& how to do it safely).

I’m insanely excited to share all I know about stained glass with you! (Seriously…Imma lil obsessed with glass so it’s hard to get me to talk about anything else)😁 And to help ya get reaaaalllly freakin’ good!

Peace, Love, & Stained Glass!