Your stained glass art’s lookin’ a lil jankier than ya want it to…

Don’t worry. We’ll get that fixed right up!

Level up your art!

  • No more lumpy bumpy edge beads!
  • No more bendy pieces.
  • No more Crash Boom!
  • No more digging through endless hours of YouTube tryna figure out what works & what doesn’t…

with the Beautiful Edge Beading & Pattern Design Detectives!


Got one down but need the other? Get ’em separately!

Beautiful Edge Beading

On straights, curves, & even tight corners…3 Simple Ways to get beautiful edge beads. Every. Single. Time!

Go from meh? To BAM!

Make your edge beading so good they think it’s lead came…with Beautiful Edge Beading!

And keep your friends, family, & customers comin’ back for more of your art (cuz they know your art is quality)…with Pattern Design Detectives.

$39 each or $59 together!

Pattern Design Detectives

No more bendy pieces, broken art, pieces going Boom! Crash! in the middle of the night. Just strong, beautiful art!

How’s this whole class thing work???

Learn at your own pace, buuuut…

You’re not alone!

Cuz your course is prerecorded, you have access to it whenever ya want!


Unlike in person classes, I’m here for ya during AND after the class! Ask me any class related questions right inside the course.

And, ya get a FREE TRIAL in the Community too to get all your stained glass questions answered (and hang out with your fellow glass hoarders too)!

Hi! I’m Shannie, your instructor (& your biggest cheerleader!)

People often ask me how I get my edge beads so smooth (yours can be too). My soldering so nice (yours can be too). How I get my pieces to be so solid (did I mention…yours can be too😀!).

They ask why their work doesn’t look perfect…

Wellll….mine doesn’t either! We can’t be perfect. We’re human.

But we CAN be reaaaaaallllly freakin’ good!

My edge beads used to be lumpy bumpy, flat, & pointy. My soldering sloppy. My pieces were unstable too!

So I spent many years (and soooo maaaaannnnny spools of solder & sheets of glass) figuring out my own tricks & techniques to avoid & fix those issues. To get edge beads that could be mistaken as twinsies with came, smoooooooth soldering & solid structure.

And now my work is, well, really freakin’ good. Not just cuz of practice though. Cuz of techniques.

AND YOURS CAN BE TOO!!! In a waaaaaay shorter of a time period. For realz.

That’s why I made online classes and the Peace, Love, & Stained Glass Online Learning Community for ya where I’m there to answer all your stained glass questions.

I’m insanely excited to share all I know about stained glass with you! (Seriously…Imma lil obsessed with glass so it’s hard to get me to talk about anything else)😁 And to help ya get reaaaalllly freakin’ good!

Peace, Love, & Stained Glass!