You want to level up your Stained Glass Game

You’re in the right spot!

With The Solutions Studio

Come with stained glass problems, leave with solutions.

  • Soldering troubles? We’ll make it smoooooth.
  • Edge beading issues? Tadaaa! Beautiful beads abound.
  • Cutting/Breaking problems? Bam! No more wasting glass.
  • Foiling? Grinding? Polishing? We’ll fix that too!

How it works:

You’re in your studio. I’m in mine. But, we’re together via video!

  • I’ll watch ya work & coach you as you go
  • I’ll demonstrate whatever ya need me to
  • Problems? Solved.

$49 – Online – Personal, One-on-one Instruction – 1 hour

*You’ll need a smartphone, tablet or computer so we can see/hear each other *

Come learn with me & level up your stained glass skills!

What my students are saying:

My soldering joints are no longer clumpy & you can’t see where lines come together. It looks seamless. The (Solutions Studio) session gave me a level that could have taken a year to achieve”. -Rebbecca

I am so excited about this mushroom pattern!!!!! (from the newsletter) Thank you! Also LOVED the class! It was so helpful and informative but still fun! You rock! – Taylor

Thank you! Your live TikTok stuff helped me so much. Normally, I don’t buy online classes but since something as informal as your live was so helpful, I figured the class would be great. So far, I’m very happy! – Cheryl

Thank you so much for helping me learn this!  I can’t say that enough! – Jay

Who is this for?

If you’ve done stained glass before…it’s for you!

stained glass solutions studio coaching woman with glass tools Mountain Woman Products
  • You’re self taught & have some trouble spots
  • Your solder work is lumpy bumpy
  • You feel like ya just need to tweak a few techniques
  • Edge beading makes ya nuts

Who is this not for?

If you’ve never made stained glass before, this isn’t for you.

But don’t worry! I have a class for you too.

Beginners Stained Glass Class with tools & glass Mountain Woman Products

Learn everything you need to know, step-by-step, to make your first project & beyond!

Hi! I’m Shannie, your instructor (& your biggest cheerleader!)

I wasn’t always a pro at stained glass art, but now my pieces are shining brightly in windows across the country!

I didn’t used to think I was particularly creative either. But my love of stained glass made me bound & determined to make beautiful art.

You don’t think you’re creative enough to play with glass? I’ll show you how to unlock your creativity and end up with a bright & beautiful piece of art.

Have you tried making stained glass before, but struggled with it? Ya might just need a lil help.

I’ve spent almost every day of the last six years in my studio honing my skills, and I’m so excited to share my tips & techniques with you, so you can make beautiful stained glass art too!

Peace, Love, & Stained Glass!

Mountain Woman Products Stained Glass Class Instructor Holding Tools