The Solutions Studio – Personalized Stained Glass Art Help



You’re ready to level up your stained glass game. You’re in the right spot!

  • Soldering troubles? We’ll make it smoooooth.
  • Edge beading issues? Tadaaa! Beautiful beads abound.
  • Cutting/Breaking problems? Bam! No more wasting glass.
  • Foiling? Grinding? Polishing? I got you.

How it works:

You’re in your studio. I’m in mine. But, we’re together via video!

  • I’ll watch ya work & coach you as you go
  • I’ll demonstrate whatever ya need me to
  • Problems? Solved.

*One hour session. Smartphone, tablet, or computer with camera/mic required*

You’ll receive an email after purchase with a short form.

Let me know what problems you’re having & when some good dates/times are for you. We’ll get ya scheduled quickly!


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The Solutions Studio – Personalized Stained Glass Art Help