SeaGypsysVardo Feature Friday

hand holding stained glass peace sign suncatchers

The fabulous Cherie of Sea Gypsy’s Vardo Blog interview us about our small shop, Mountain Woman Products, for Featured Friday and we’re sooooo thankful and sooooo excited! Here’s a pic and a tiny excerpt: A little hippie, and a little trippy… Shannie, of Mountain Woman Products, is no slave to trend. Going with the flow … Read moreSeaGypsysVardo Feature Friday

Grapevine Wreath DIY, Hot Farm Boy Optional

Grapevine Wreath DIY Red cat looking at grapevine wreath

I’ve wanted to make a Grapevine Wreath for a gazillion years, but for some reason, suspected it would be an intensive process that required years of foraging knowledge, a hiking expedition up Everest, a chainsaw, full body armour, and a baby pool. Oddly, none of those things are necessary.     As it turns out, … Read moreGrapevine Wreath DIY, Hot Farm Boy Optional

Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! It’s Almost freakin’ Fall!

Masking jar annoying vase on table filled with pink cosmos

  Fall is in the air! Can ya smell it? Campfires, apples, crisp nights in comfy sweaters, and pumpkin everything! We grew our first set of jack be little pumpkins with seeds from a friend this year in the middle of our ridiculous wildflower patch. Shockingly, they’re actually not large enough to carve a house … Read moreFall! Fall! Fall! Fall! It’s Almost freakin’ Fall!

Remember to Take Time to Stop & Smell the…

Butterfly drinking sugar water

Butterfly drinking sugar waterButterflies. You thought I was gonna say roses didn’t chya? Well, in case you’ve never smelled a butterfly it’s a hint of sweet vanilla, and a bit of fresh watermelon with a musky sweet marjoram undertone. I know because yesterday I spent over an hour with one named Henrietta. You aren’t actually … Read moreRemember to Take Time to Stop & Smell the…

How to Make Cucumber Salad for a Dutchman

I don’t like Cucumber Salad. Or food really. “Whaaat?!?!”, you say. “Gasp!”, you say.  “Feeeeliiing. Faaaainnt.”,you say. I know. I know. You’re okay. Also, I mighta exaggerated a lil there. I’m just the world’s pickiest eater. And being the world’s pickiest eater means I don’t like cooking either. Like, at all. But, because sometimes your … Read moreHow to Make Cucumber Salad for a Dutchman