Printable 2022 Stained Glass Christmas Pattern Ebook



Everyone loves a handmade gift.

Since you love making stained glass art….that kinda makes you the best gift giver that ever existed in the world ever, doesn’t it?

Of course that’s not to say you can’t say screw it & make them all for yourself either….you’d still be the best gift giver ever.

Just….um…just to your self.

Self care. That’s what we’re goin with here.

Aw heck. Quit reading this silliness & go buy the book.

Print it out & start making beautiful art!

You’re gonna love it.

  • 10 Printable Patterns ranging from super simple to a lil more complex
  • Ideas & Inspiration for glass types & colors
  • Tips for cutting patterns & best wire types & gauges to use
  • BONUS PATTERN!!!!! Cuz bonuses are freakin’ fun. 🙂


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Stained Glass Christmas Pattern book Mountain Woman Products
Printable 2022 Stained Glass Christmas Pattern Ebook