Anti-Stinky Butt Aromatherapy Spray

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Because everyone knows someone with a stinky butt…

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One of half of Mountain Woman Products has a seriously stinky butt (hint…it’s not the female half). After years of wearing a clothespin on her nose, the non-offender decided enough was enough, dug into her essential oil arsenal, and devised a weapon to destroy the funky fumes.

And now, to save other victims from the plague of pinched noses & gagging gases, we share our creation, Anti-Stinky Butt Spray.

  • Use wherever stinky butts have been! Made with certified organic essential oil & all natural ingredients, you, your bathroom, your car, your shoes, or even your stinky mate can smell wonderful.
  • Anti Stinky Butt Spray comes on strong, and then dissapates, taking the funk with it.
  • Erases stinky smells of all sorts in bathrooms, kitchens, & even your car.
  • Spray on clothing to remove smells, leaving a lighter, longer-lasting scent.
  • Eliminates smoke smell from campfires or the bar from clothing and hair.
  • Makes a great white elephant or gag gift, or a Valentine’s gift for men….cuz everyone knows someone with a stinky butt.

A little goes a very long way, so your 8 oz bottle will last and last (much longer than the funk emitted from any kind of butt).

Anti-Stinky Butt Spray is a trademark of Mountain Woman Products

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9 reviews for Anti-Stinky Butt Aromatherapy Spray

  1. TimberWoodsWares

    Kids are loving it!

  2. katemichal

    love this! Thank you!

  3. cairnlae

    received yesterday-thank you so much!

  4. cynthia Douglas-Ybarra

    Smells lovely. Quick delivery. Great gift!

  5. Kimberly Courte

    Great buy and got a good laugh from the receiver at Christmas time.

  6. amyolympia

  7. Ruta K. Augius

    Great packaging/swift delivery/great service!! Thank you!! AAAAA+++++

  8. jo LOETZ

    This is great anti-stinky butt spray, it smells wonderful. It was packed very nicely.

  9. Cathy’s Creations

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