Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! It’s Almost freakin’ Fall!

Fall! Fall! Fall! Fall! It’s Almost freakin’ Fall!


Our lovely and seasonally versatile Hanging Mason Jar Vase in action!

Fall is in the air! Can ya smell it?

Campfires, apples, crisp nights in comfy sweaters, and pumpkin everything!

We grew our first set of jack be little pumpkins with seeds from a friend this year in the middle of our ridiculous wildflower patch.
Shockingly, they’re actually not large enough to carve a house out of. Bealer might need a twelve step for his fertilizer problem…these somehow managed to turn out properly sized.

Plans for next year’s pumpkin patch are already in the works.

Who knows…maybe we’ll end up with the large, orange, biodegradable house of our dreams.

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