Let’s create fantastic Stained Glass together!!

Get ready to be a part of the…


It’s going to be only $19/mo or $199 for the year!

What do ya get in the Community?

Come hang with us to get exclusive access to…

  • Monthly Live Workshops (Edge Beading, Circles, 3D, Jewelry & lots of other fun stuff!)
  • Free Patterns
  • Personalized help in the forum (from the community & me!)
  • Scrap Glass Challenges (savin’ $ using up scraps together)
  • Inspiration & encouragement from the Community
  • Fundamental Videos & Popular How To’s
  • Early access & big discounts on classes
  • And….lots more as we evolve!

All that & it’s only gonna be $19/mo or $199 for the year.


So…who’s the sheriff in this here glass town?

That’s me, Shannie! Your fearless leader.

I’m soooooooo excited you want to join the Peace, Love, & Stained Glass Community!

If you’ve been to my TikTok Lives, you know they’re a place of love & a whole lotta learnin’! But the Peace, Love, & Stained Glass Community? This is like TT Lives times a gazillion!

There’s a lot of info out there about Stained Glass on the internet. Some of it’s good! A lot of it is, uh…not-so-good😯. And some of it’s, well….downright dangerous (eek!).

Our glass community is based on (first & foremost) Peace, Love, & Kindness to each other. It’ll be a place where anyone can learn & get the resources & support you need to do this amazing freakin’ art well (& how to do it safely).

A place where we can get together to encourage each other & where I’m ridiculously thrilled (for realz) to share everything I know about my obsession with making beautiful, quality Stained Glass Art.

Peace, Love, & Stained Glass,