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Cutting Stained Glass Mountain Woman Products

Learn how to score that beautiful glass!

(without ending up with a big ol’ pile of scraps, cut fingers, & frustration)

I’ll show ya alllll the right stuff to do in Glass Cutting Basics. Watch & learn whenever ya like.

Only $19 for you now (it’s $29 on the site).

Make perfect scores!

You’ll be able to:

  • Place your patterns perfectly for the best scores
  • Cut your glass (but not your fingers)
  • Master your scoring tool to make consistently awesome cuts
  • Listen for, see, & feel beautiful straight & curved cuts every time

Get it now for only $19 (normally $29).

Play, stop, & re-watch if and when ya need to!

What my students are saying:

Thank you so much for helping me learn this!  I can’t say that enough! – Jay

Thank you! Also LOVED the class! It was so helpful and informative but still fun! You rock! – Taylor

Mountain Woman Products Stained Glass Class Instructor Holding Tools

Haaay! I’m your stained glass teacher & your biggest cheerleader!

There’s a lot of info out there on the net about making stained glass. Some of it’s great! Some will make your hard work go Crash! Boom! in the middle of the night (and some of it, like mishandling chemicals, is downright dangerous – eeek!).

I’m all about helping you safely make gorgeous glass art that you’ll be proud to say will stand the test of time…and have an absolute freakin’ blast while doing it!.

Peace, love, & stained glass!