A Bazillion Uses for Toilet Paper Tubes Part Two: Bird Feeder

Well, it didn’t take too long to find some new uses for our toilet paper tube hoard!
Winter has been exceptionally warm here in PA this year and the birds are back early.
Fortunately for us, they’re hungry….gives us an excuse to tap into the ‘ol tube reserve.
Here’s how to make a toilet paper tube bird feeder:
You’ll need:  Bird Seed (buy a bag, or make your own with sunflower seeds, cracked corn, seeds,etc)
Peanut Butter (we use organic, no sugar/salt added or the birds get hyper)
A Plate (or cookie sheet if you are going into mass production)
Twine/Hemp/Leftover present wrapping ribbon, etc (this is optional)
A Knife (butter knife will do just fine)
Hole punch & Scissor or reeeally sharp teeth
And…..yup. A toilet paper tube.
Punch hole in tube at least a half inch down from top.
Tie in the string.
Spread peanut butter on the tube.
DON’T do this (sticky knife on floor).
After getting a clean knife:
Coat tube thoroughly with peanut butter.
Roll about in seed.
Hang on a branch.
Be prepared to recoat soon.  The little birdies love it!
A Thank You to
for the idea!
Check out their blog for some wonderful child education how-to’s.

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