A Bazillion Uses For Toilet Paper Tubes: How to Start Seeds Indoors

You’re at a party.  You head to the bathroom.  And the cabinets, like presents under the tree on Christmas morning, whisper gently to you….”wouldn’t you like to see what’s inside?”.
You can’t help yourself, can you?
Well, wonder no longer.  This is what’s in ours.
We’re not toilet paper tube hoarders.  I swear. No really.
It’s just that the recycling bin is like, forty feet from the bathroom.
So, I got to thinking…since forty feet is a looooong way to walk,
what can we do with these leftover little cardboard tubes?
Start seeds!
We purchased these little seed starting trays from Lowes and have successfully transplanted the sprouts.  They work wonderfully. Seeds reach germ in often less than two days!
Of course we wanted to reuse them after we transplanted the sprouts, so we purchased the refill packs.
Unfortunately, they have no casing around them, and as such when you add water they grow into a massive tower.  When you attempt to add a seed, they fall over into a pile of dirt. 🙁
Toilet paper rolls to the rescue!  (Um, that’s why we were hoarding them…yup. Exactly)
Cut tubes into three sections.
Place cut tubes in sections.
We had already added water to the peat discs so this is a bit backwards.
You would place the tubes into the sections first, then add starter soil or discs.
The discs are made of coconut fiber, at a cost of around $3.00 for 36 of them.
You could purchase an entire bag of coconut fiber and fill the tubes yourself for considerably less.
Pick your seeds, place in sections and cover with soil.
(See back of seed pouch for recommended depth.)
Use your tubes to make a little template.
 We marked the top of the container with a small piece of tape as you may need to rotate during the growth cycle.
Place cover on top and in a few days, Voila! Seeds will sprout.
As we find new and innovative ways to justify our toilet paper tube hoarding habits, we will share!

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