How It All Started…

Our Simple Mountain Life

Hmmm…Let’s see… My mom tells me that my grandmother always said she’d love to live on a mountain and come down once a month for supplies. Well, the apple didn’t fall far off the family tree on that one. I never feel more at home than when I’m in the woods, on a mountain (or at a renaissance faire..I was born in the wrong era). 

I live on a mountain (ok…a really, I mean reeeeeaaaallllly big shale hill that we call our mountain,surrounded by woods, with a view of a real mountain on top) with my big, strapping, farmboy husband Bealer, 5 chickens, 2 ducks, 2 cats and a frog. True to our familial backgrounds in farming, boyscouting, (& hippying???) we’re slowly, but surely making our own self-sustaining homestead.

Along with an undying love for the outdoors, I inherited from my family terrible skin. Hence the reason I started Mountain Woman Products. I’ve had eczema (a really really itchy non-contagious skin rash that feels like permanent poison ivy) since I’m three. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to own a witch’s cottage style botanicals shop so making my own skin care stuff just seemed natural. So I started researching, guinea pigging myself, my friends and my family (they love me ALOT) and thus, Mountain Woman was born.

The point of this rambling speech you ask? Well, between Bealer’s love of farming & the outdoors, vast mechanical knowlege, and iron-working skills, my love of the woods, gardening, herbs & skin care we figured we might have something worth sharing with the world (or at least a few like-minded individuals).

The idea of living “green” can be daunting; never knowing where to start, what’s healthy for your family, & trying to remember to take those freakin’ reusable bags to the grocery store. We don’t claim to be experts (I’ve made a lot of trips back to the car at the store for those bags), but we figure it’s always easier when we work together, so perhaps you can learn right along with us. You’ll see our successes and failures in Gardening, Cooking, Carpentry, Ironworking, DIY projects of all kinds, Skin Care making, Recycling and pretty much anything and everything to do with our attempts at a self-contained homestead life. What we’ve discovered thus far is living a simpler life is really, well, simpler.

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